The Book of Shadows : The Unofficial...

The Crimson Spell : An Original Novel...  

Charmed: The Legacy of Merlin  

Charmed: Soul of the Bride  

Kiss of Darkness : An Original Novel  

The Power of Three
A Novelization

Charmed : Whispers from the Past...  

Haunted by Desire (Charmed)  

Charmed : Voodoo Moon (Charmed)  

Charmed : The Gypsy Enchantment (Charmed)  



Look in My Heart


Alyssa Milano (Real-Life Reader...  

Commando (DVD)  

Double Dragon (DVD)  

Fear (DVD)

Fear (VHS)

Poison Ivy II: Lily (DVD)

Poison Ivy II: Lily (VHS)

Lady & The Tramp II - Scamp's Adventure (DVD)

Embrace of the Vampire (DVD)  


The Canterville
 Ghost (VHS)

Casualities of Love (VHS)  

Goldrush: A Real Life Alaskan Adventure (VHS)  

Hugo Pool (DVD)  

Hugo Pool (VHS)  


Public Enemies (VHS)

Conflict of Interest (VHS)  

Body Count (VHS)

of a Sorority Girl (DVD)


Freeze Frame (VHS)

Almost Dead (VHS)  

 Mallrats (DVD)

Mallrats (VHS) 


 The Secret of NIMH (DVD)

The Secret of NIMH (VHS) 

The Ticket (VHS)

 Heathers (DVD)

Heathers (VHS) 

Striking Poses (DVD)  


Sweet Hearts Dance (VHS)  

Reason to Believe (VHS) 

Our Mother's Murder (VHS) 

Simple Men (VHS)  


Dr. Giggles (DVD)


Return to the Blue Lagoon (VHS)

The Liars' Club (VHS)  

Within the Rock (VHS)  

 Within the Rock (DVD)

Sleepwalkers (VHS)  

December (VHS)  



Magenta (VHS)

Wet and Wild Summer (VHS)  



Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World (VHS)

Above Suspicion (VHS)  

Staying Alive (VHS) 

Dark Side of Genius (VHS)  

Crying Child (VHS)